Enjoying Springtime in Alaska

This is an exciting time here in Alaska as spring moves toward summer and we watch the countryside embrace renewal in every direction. Moose calves are born and bears come out of their dens. Whales and other marine life return to our oceans and bays. Snow melts and nature gets ready to bloom. While things can get a bit soggy (and muddy) during this time, it’s also a great time to take on our own renewal projects as we enjoy nature’s show and get ready for summer.

After a long winter of dreary days and inactivity, the sun and warming temperatures offer increased opportunities for outdoor activities, exercise, planting gardens and flowerbeds, and making plans for vacations or relocations in the next season or two. Daylight hours have been increasing for the last couple months, with Anchorage and the Eagle River area gaining an extra 42 minutes of daylight each week. In fact, by the end of March, we officially had more hours of daylight than anywhere in the other 49 states!

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Helping Children Adjust to Moving to a New Home

Helping Children Adjust to a New Home

Moving Can Be Stressful

People move for many reasons. A new job, marriage, divorce, or just a desire for a change of scenery are a few of those reasons. Then there are military families, for whom moving is a necessary part of life. We’ve worked with many families buying and selling homes in the Eagle River and Anchorage, Alaska area.  We’ve seen firsthand how stressful moving can be for children, as much as for the parents. If your family is planning to relocate, here are some tips to help turn moving into a positive experience, especially helping children adjust to moving.

Take a tour

If possible, take your children to visit where you’re moving ahead of time. Check out the local restaurants.  Find the best places to get an ice cream cone. Drive by the schools, parks, malls or other places your kids would be interested in. This will help dissipate some of the fear of the unknown that children often have.

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Eagle River - Mat-Su Valley - Anchorage area named Best Cities to live and work

Anchorage Named Among Best Cities for Entrepreneurs

Anchorage Makes the List

When it comes to living AND launching a business, you just can’t beat Anchorage. According to the current (April 2017) issue of Entrepreneur Magazine, Anchorage, Alaska was named as one of the 50 Best Cities for Entrepreneurs that help businesses flourish. According to Peter Cohan, an investor and author of Disciplined Growth Strategies, the location entrepreneurs choose is vital to their success. “Beyond a great product, strong marketing and sufficient capital, startups thrive or fizzle depending on their environment and the people in them,” he said.

Entrepreneur Magazine partnered with Livability.com to compile the data that led to this list, looking closely at a wide variety of issues that affect business creation and growth including employment rate, affordable homes, per capita spending, commute times, safety, diversity, rates of healthcare coverage, wage growth, household income growth, and more.

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