Alaska winter is the perfect time for decluttering

Want to know a great activity that is both perfect for the long Alaska winters AND will help increase the attractiveness and value of your home? It’s time for some serious decluttering. And we’ve got all the tips to make it feel less like a chore and more like a dance party.

If you’re living in your forever home (lucky you!) you probably have “stuff” that has piled up her and there that needs to be dealt with. Kids get older, sports teams change, outdoor gear and seasonal wear gets all mixed up and you’re left feeling stressed out just looking at the mess. Decluttering can transform your living space and help you enjoy your home more than you ever have.

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Home design predictions for 2018

Between floral prints, statement floors, and Pantone declaring Ultraviolet as the color of the year, 2018 is shaping up to be a big year for color when it comes to decorating homes. The great thing about that is color is the perfect thing for lightening up a home when winter seems like it’s dragging on and on. A great way to fight winter’s cabin fever is with some freshening up inside the home. New paint, new rugs and new art are all classic ideas that will do the trick. But if you want to know what the home design experts are predicting will be big this next year, we’ve rounded up a few here that you might want to check out.

First, let’s talk about what’s out. Writers at the real estate website Trulia predict that things on their way “out” this year include granite countertops, boho décor such as wall hangings, and trendy bamboo flooring. Zillow added to that list as well, naming all-white kitchens and tricked-out bar carts and as well on their way out.

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Holidays in Alaska | Tips from local realtor in Eagle River

Holidays with Heart: Planning a Christmas of experiences, not things

The holidays are here and already heads are spinning with the thought of all the shopping, presents, parties, and “things” that will take over the four weeks. Before you know it, the season will be over, we’ll all be exhausted, and wondering where did the time go? And how did my bank balance get so low?! 

Christmas time doesn’t have to leave you feeling broke, overwhelmed, and seriously holiday-crazed. All it takes is focus, a dash of creativity, and selective planning to create a holiday filled with heart that you’ll remember with joy and pleasure when the New Year rolls in.

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why you need the best property management companies in Alaska

Got rentals? Here’s why you need a Property Management Company

Best Property Management Companies Reduce Your Stress

Investing in a rental property to provide additional revenue is a great idea. But managing it on your own can quickly turn into a big mess full of stress that takes all the fun – and some of the profits – away from your original dream. The best property management companies have professionals who offer support, resources and experience to make your income property an enjoyable, successful and profitable venture. Here’s how:


If the property isn’t located near your home, you’re looking at the potential of a lot of back-and-forth travel for everything from meeting prospective tenants to maintenance to any of a wide variety of issues that can only be handled in person. Having a professional property management team gives you the freedom to invest in property where you want, travel when you want, and spend your time doing what you want, instead of living in fear of what the next phone call will bring.


There’s an art to tenant screening, and a professional property manager is well versed in sorting through applications and finding reliable tenants who pay on time, stay for a longer amount of time, are considerate of your property, and generally less likely to cause problems. 

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