Enjoying Springtime in Alaska

This is an exciting time here in Alaska as spring moves toward summer and we watch the countryside embrace renewal in every direction. Moose calves are born and bears come out of their dens. Whales and other marine life return to our oceans and bays. Snow melts and nature gets ready to bloom. While things can get a bit soggy (and muddy) during this time, it’s also a great time to take on our own renewal projects as we enjoy nature’s show and get ready for summer.

After a long winter of dreary days and inactivity, the sun and warming temperatures offer increased opportunities for outdoor activities, exercise, planting gardens and flowerbeds, and making plans for vacations or relocations in the next season or two. Daylight hours have been increasing for the last couple months, with Anchorage and the Eagle River area gaining an extra 42 minutes of daylight each week. In fact, by the end of March, we officially had more hours of daylight than anywhere in the other 49 states!

What does all that sunlight mean? Well, don’t forget that nature does love balance, and our long winters and extreme temperatures during the winter definitely keep the scale level. However, just as the Alaskan spirit is strong, so too are its plants and animals, coming out of their winter hibernation to thrive and grow anew each spring with surprising resilience and an obvious love of the extra hours of nurturing sunlight.  

If you love flowers, you might be surprised at how many perennials thrive easily in Alaska. Wild and cultivated flowers already have a good start this season, and with so much sun to nourish them, they thrive for all to enjoy. Want to plant some of your own? Be sure to check out the Cooperative Extension Service of University of Fairbanks website where they share a large list of flowers that grow well in our part of the world.

Hiking, fishing, biking, and other outdoor activities are great for enjoying nature and getting back in shape after the inactivity of the cold months. Spring is also a great time to tackle home improvement projects or, if a move or relocation are in your future, to improve the curb appeal of your home and get it ready for sale. No matter what activities draw you outside this season, we know that you share with us a passion for this beautiful area we live in and a desire to enjoy every minute.

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